Trade relations.Export. Wholesale.

    Our mission:
  • Be the leading dealer of imported FMCG and household chemicals products in other countries beyond EU;
  • To give each of the customers full satisfaction from the use of goods from German brands;
  • To give an opportunity to people in any part of the world to use products of German quality and European standarts for a favorable price.


FEDO GmbH - Trade and Export Company.

  • The main activity is the sale of German-made goods (made in Germany) for export to :
  • Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia;
  • Georgia, Armenia, Azerbeijan, Jordanien;
  • Iraq, Iran;
  • countries of the Middle East;
  • Afrika;

Suppliers of goods from German supermarkets.

Our concept:

  • We offer you long-term cooperation and regular supply of products;
  • Low price and high German quality;
  • Continuity of supply, as different brands are always available;
  • We provide all the required documentation for the goods, logistics and sales.

In the daily turnover of the company at least 3000 pallets are used, which are regularly updated and sent to the markets of the different countries. As a result of working with German manufacturers, "Fedo GmbH" received strong contacts with the leaders and founders of the companies' manufacturers and the trust of importers..

Let us know what you want and we will deliver it to you:

  • quality German goods;
  • for the best price;
  • in the right amount;
  • and at the specified time.


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